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how she ended up here in a park in fairfield. reporting live in fairfield, jean elle, nbc bay area news. another troubling episode now, this time in san jose. and on the east side of town, a series of overnight break-ins and a brutal attack on two women tried to stop the thieves. it happened early this morning on mahoney drive in the foothills. nbc bay area's stephanie it truong is there and the steps neighbors are taking to protect themselves. >> reporter: i spoke with the victims and family members. the mother, 74 years old, she yelled something. one man was able to jump inside, held something to her head and tried to kill her. now they're okay but this violent attack and other recent brea break-ins have people in this neighborhood and others worried considering their options. >> her face was bloodied. >> reporter: the woman couldn't believe her eyes watching her 74-year-old neighbor try to
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escape from two men chasing after her before going back to her house to steal her things. >> the violence was amazing. i couldn't believe it. hitting her and breaking her nose and he kept saying he was going to kill her and the one that was with him said don't hurt her. she's an old lady. we had multiple neighbors calling 911. >> reporter: neighbors stopped by with flowers. san jose police say they are worried about the quick escalation. >> they want to hurt you, they want you to see their weapons, they want you to be in fear for your life so you give up whatever property you have. they're working in tandem. >> reporter: this woman's elderly neighbors were targeted a month ago in another east san jose neighborhood. >> i'm glad that they didn't go in and beat anybody up like they did here because they were elderly and they were by themselves. it's really scary. i don't live in the area. that was a completely different area. everywhere you go you have to be so careful. >> even when people are home,
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they have been breaking in stealing stuff. there's little kids. >> reporter: many say they're turning to security cameras like mario below who says his have been sitting in his garage almost two years. >> they have to go up now. yeah, they have to go up. >> i know the feeling. it gets in your gut and you want to catch them but that's why i put a camera in my room, a new one. >> i think security cameras are a great idea. my husband is talking with about it, too. >> reporter: that's not all people are talking about considering a short staffed police force. >> they can't help us all the time so we need to help ourselves. i've heard lots of people talking about getting more guns. >> reporter: sergeant dwyer says it's not comforting hearing people are trying to get guns. detectives on the case are hoping they'll make the same arrests in the same amount of time they did with the previous home invasion robbery last month. again, people working on this trying to get the same results. stephanie thuang, nbc bay area
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news. heavily armed san jose cops descended on a house near center road and capital expressway to arrest a man described as a violent career criminal. investigators say 30-year-old mitchell pope is the worst of the worst. members of the police department's merge unit talked flash bang devices through the windows of the house during the 30-minute standoff. pope did surrender peacefully. investigators say they've been tracking him the last two months. oakland today became the first city in the country to issue city i.d. cards that double as debit cards. that groundbreaking municipal program launched today. the goal is to ensure that everyone in the city has a usable form of identification regardless of their immigration status. the i.d.s will serve as debit cards so people who usually only carry cash can now have a more secure way to keep their money. >> a huge way of giving access
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to people who are right now living in the shadows, this way they can feel safe representing themselves to the city authorities to access city authorities, the police, at the same time have financial services at very low cost and not feel that they have to live in cash the rest of their lives. >> oakland residents can preregister for the program as of today. critics worry the cards could be easily stolen and compromised. okay. 49ers fans have been waiting for 18 years for this. so now the wait is less than 48 hours. an interesting twist in new orleans today. the opposing head coaches held a joint news conference. this doesn't normally happen. then again, there's nothing normal about this super bowl. jim and john harbaugh, you know the story, and not to be forgotten, jay harbaugh, the 23-year-old son of jim harbaugh. jay works for the ravens. all sorts of harbaughs here. a series of reports. scott budman in san jose with the last-minute travel rush for fans and, how about this, news
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of slashed ticket prices. we begin with ahmed fareed. i hear music in the background. take it away now. >> reporter: yeah, raj, they are partying here in new orleans, the party city. that would make sense. harbaugh versus harbaugh storyline was in danger of being tapped out two weeks ago but both jim and john did a good job turning that focus on the players. but today that focus got turned back on jim and john, the h harbaugh brothers in the cross hairs once again. they were making some nfl history. our own mindi bach with the story. >> reporter: for the first ever joint super bowl press conference featuring both head coaches. jim harbaugh arrived in his typical coaching attire, perhaps signaling an end to his unusual friendliness with the media earlier in the week. >> welcome and thanks for coming and just want to start by saying what an honor it is for both of us to be here with each other.
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no question about it. >> i concur. >> reporter: jim did not want to focus on himself as much as many of the media may have liked, but the humor remained even with the focus apparent on jim's face. >> the way our players have played, to me that is why we're here not because of any coaching decisions or any way that we were when we were kids. >> i concur. >> philosophical commonalities? i'd be hard pressed to spell philosophical. >> i know he couldn't spell commonality. >> might we see the first ever post-sup post-super bowl bear hug? >> i've given absolutely no consideration to the postgame hand shake, bear hug or anything else. not thought about that for one second, jerry. have you, jim? >> i have not. >> to take home the vince lombardi trophy means one brother must kill the other's dream. when john harbaugh asked if that would be difficult for him, he
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quickly responded no. in new orleans with the 49ers, mindi bach, nbc bay area. >> reporter: good work there with the harbaugh brothers talking to the media for one final time before super bowl xlvii. coming up later in sports, we'll talk to colin kaepernick's tattoo artist. we learned more about that ink on caolin kaepernick. reporting lives, i'm ahmed fareed. >> thank you, ahmed. concede it, it is getting late, but you can still find your way to new orleans for the super bowl. all you need is time, patience, and lots of money. nbc bay area's scott budman found out just how much you need. he joins us live at san jose international. scott, are there still flights to the big easy? >> reporter: yeah, there are, jessica. good news, there are still flights from the bay area to new orleans, and there are still tickets to be had to get you inside the superdome, but it's going to take a lot of money, and the trip is going to take a lot of time. >> who has it better than us?
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nobody. >> reporter: the flight will take about as long as the super bowl itself, and these niner fans made sure they'll be there no matter what it takes. >> it's complicated. we're flying into jackson, mississippi. we're driving three hours to -- >> new orleans. >> we're not staying in new orleans. biloxi. which is an hour and a half outside of new orleans, and then driving into the game, so we have to find somewhere to stash the car, take public transit. there will be a lot of driving. >> it was pretty last minute. taking my dad. he had to get a separate flight so he's leaving out of oakland and we're both going through houston so we're going to meet up there and we get into new orleans tonight. >> it was really hard because we have two small kids and we left them behind so we could go. that shows you how excited we were. >> reporter: wyle fans breathed a sigh of relief, tickets to the game are getting cheaper on sites like as we get closer to sunday. some, like this father and son
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team, got it all together early. >> we went on line, bought ticket, made airline reservations, hotel reservations. >> reporter: you are the most organized people we met all day. >> we try. >> reporter: passing on the experience to a younger generation this had to wait a while. >> it will be my first super bowl but i was alive in '95 so i have slight memories of it. i can't wait to build up another one and go for six. >> reporter: on their way to the big game. now we checked there are flights tomorrow from the bay area to new orleans. we checked stub hub and the tickets are starting at about $1,200. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, scott. and, of course, we invite you to stay with nbc bay area news for continuing super bowl coverage. coming up later in the newscast, she's been perfect all throughout the playoffs, our janelle wang. our own janelle wang will finally have her much-hyped super bowl prediction.
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the new 49ers stadium is getting closer and closer to reality. but the investigative unit uncovers questions about safety above the new stadium. questions no one was asking until we did. we have answers coming up. >> also ahead, twitter trouble. the cyber attack that may have compromised the pass words of tens of thousands of users. and a greyhound bus is forced to pull over on a local freeway. the incident that landed a passenger in jail. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. cloud cover beginning to build in from the south. that's going to help to cool off that weekend forecast and even with numbers going down unhealthy air here for saturday, a spare the air alert in effect with the worst air quality in the bay.
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twitter is the latest victim of hackers. last week's attack exposed user
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names. the company reset the pass words and note fade those people. twitter believes the attack was the work of professional hackers and was not an isolated incident. other companies and organizations have also recently been attacked. this weekend is all about new orleans. our investigative unit discovered in all the excitement about the new stadium, some important safety questions may have been missed. steven? >> reporter: while sports stadiums are located near large airports, the new 49ers stadium is somewhat unique. it's located less than three miles away and directly in the final flight path of san jose international airport raising some questions among aviation experts about the work load for air traffic controllers here at san jose. as this video shows commercial
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flights literally pivot right over the top of the new stadium as they land from the north on what's called runway 12. it could make for some crowded skies and a much heavier work load for air traffic control. >> they're going to have to think about that because in that case the commercial aviation gets priority of everything. so they're not going to change that and if they have to land on that 1-2 direction towards the south, then they might say a higher altitude. again, it's where everybody is. >> it could become complicated. >> reporter: the commercial aviation will take priority no matter what. a spokesman says they are now working through the details with air traffic controllers about this work load issue during sunday football games.
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tonight at 11:00 we'll have more insight into all of this. you will hear from local officials and actually see drawings that show where the stadium exceeds its planned height restrictions given by the faa. that's all tonight on nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> very interesting. thank you, steven. if you have a tip for anyone in our investigative unit, given us a call. you see the numbers on your screen 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. want to show you a man under arrest tonight after allegedly annoying and harassing an 11-year-old girl aboard a greyhound bus. the bus driver called 911 from the road at 5:45 in the morning as the bus made its way from los angeles to oakland. the sheriff's office says the driver pulled over in south san jose where the man was taken into custody. the 70-year-old could be facing felony charges. the girl was said to be shaken up but otherwise okay.
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a woman falsely reported her child had been taken triggering an amber alert. turns out she doesn't have a baby at all. this is a photograph given to police about 12:30 of a baby girl reportedly kidnapped by her father. for a time police believed 56-year-old kim had rammed his car into a drive at 94th and holly and made off with the couple's 18-month-old at gunpoint. he was questioned by police and they discovered they don't have a child. and the woman eventually confessed to making it all up. oakland police are still trying to figure out why she lied and what charges she might face. put your clothes on. that's the message. sfrap san fran's nudity ban went into effect and four people protesting the ban in the buff are already in jail. about a dozen people in all in various states of undress took to the streets in protest. they claimed the ban violates their rights of personal or political expression. earlier this week a federal judge ruled the ban did not violate free speech.
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>> this nudity ban is completely ridiculous. there's no reason anybody should tell me what to wear and what not to wear no matter what age, what kcountry, what weather. >> anyone caught nude in san francisco on the streets will be fined up to $500 and face up to a year in jail. however, the ordinance grants exception for public nudity at specified public events including the gay pride parade and the bay breakers race. it was sunny outside but still seems chilly to be naked outside, don't you think? >> i knew weather would make it in there somehow not only from your talk but the sound bite. weather is always mixed into something and, yes, it was in my opinion a little bit cold to be running around in the nude. today's highs, 68 in los gatos. 64 in livermore. also 63 in san rafael. two very warm spots. 75 in gilroy.
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that 75 was at 3:45. and then just a little over an hour later temperatures plummeting to 59 degrees. more than a ten-degree drop attributed to the southerly wind. let's get a spread at coastal conditions at a time today these winds are starting to shift more off to the south and once again that's a sign of what's going to be coming our way this weekend with this surge of marine air and once again dropping our temperatures. let's take you outside to our live hd sky camera network tonight. here is the haze. an alert in effect for saturday. right into san francisco we have clear skies tonight. may encounter patchy fog going from san francisco into the north bay where temperatures will be a lot colder there as we head into tomorrow morning.
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otherwise hazy sunshine. also temperatures that will be cooler instead of low to mid-70s like in the south bay the last couple of days we're going to drop into the mid-60s inland and low to mid-60s by the bay and temperatures in the upper 50s at the coastline. it will stay dry in the three-day forecast all the way through saturday and sunday. if you do have super bowl plans at home, a barbecue outside with big screen tv. doesn't that sound so nice? we're going to look at good weather with temperatures in the upper 60s. a super forecast there on sunday. and if you are still heading out on a last-minute trip to new orleans, we saw folks doing that earlier in our show, the weather hasn't changed much here at least in the forecast for new orleans. we're looking at some low to mid-60s through halftime. so even if you don't have a ticket and you're outside just staring up at the superdome hoping and wishing you were in there, you have some great weather to do that in and probably a huge crowd that still can't get in to enjoy it with. i have the seven-day forecast coming up. >> should we go?
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>> thanks, jeff. >> a record day for google. we'll have your business and tech headlines just ahead. >> and then say good-bye to the candy bar, the first of its kind rule to make school snacks healthier. >> reporter: i'm sam brock. when harbaugh uttered those seven famous words he had no idea how far they'd be taken so we asked who does have it better than us? anybody? tonight's reality check we see the bay area sports scene really is the best in the country. >> it's like a ghost almost. down to the window. >> and what's old is new again. the reopening here in the bay area.
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it is not your ordinary bar. a new home tonight. >> the gold dust lives on but no longer in union square. as joe rosato shows us, this was no ordinary grand opening.
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>> reporter: the old gold dust lounge stared on to powell street. been this way since the classic old time union bar closed several months ago after losing its lease. p patrons would say you can't go home again. but in this case you can take home with you. >> it's like a ghost almost, like i'm walking into -- the front is just like the old place. down to the windows. >> reporter: longtime customers of the old bar will likely feel a little deja vu as they step into the new gold dust opening at fisherman's wharf. >> we did everything possible to make it exactly the same. >> reporter: from its brass chandeliers to the gold wallpaper just about everything is like the old. >> pictures are all the same. the lights, the chandeliers at the back, together with the paintings, everything is the same as the old place. everything we could bring. >> reporter: the original goal
6:24 pm
dust was a dark, funky place where locals would drink alongside tourists. when the battle to save it ended in defeat the owners decided to re-create it somewhere else. well, everything but the smell. >> the bathrooms hopefully smell better, also, and aside from that it's exactly the same. >> reporter: you can re-create a building but you can't imitate what made it special. longtime bartender michael bowens isn't so sure. >> there was a certain magic about that place. and you walked in and you just felt it. hopefully it carries on over here and bring the magic. >> reporter: all the classics deserve something more than a regular old ribbon cutting. a covered wagon with stewart whitman to help celebrate the new joint. it may seem a bit over the top
6:25 pm
for the opening of a bar but, then again, it's not every day history at a second chance. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> big party. we, the most famous tattoo artist in the country has to be colin kaepernick's guy. up next, to reno, nevada, for the ink. also -- >> reporter: i'm loren scott in new orleans at the superdome. coming up live we are hearing from the legends right now and one of them, yes, jerry rice, telling us what the players should be expecting with this super bowl. we'll hear from jerry and much, much more in a live report in a bit. searching for a contraception compromise. the obama administration's new proposal. one last good-bye. hillary clinton bids farewell to her state department staffers, but her departure was overshadowed by another deadly u.s. embassy attack. the latest in "world tonight" next.
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the biggest party in new orleans. >> thousands of others tonight, time to ramp up the party, get that moment in the international spotlight. laurence scott with a look at all the chaos and everybody wants their own 15 minutes of fame, too. >> reporter: so much is going on. we're hearing from the legends, that deer antler spray, we're trying to understand with ray lewis. confusing. when you get down to it, the families are having a good time. people are talking. people are arriving. it's a big scene. it's a circus. they're getting ready for this thing. take a look. >> arguably the best wide receiver in nfl history -- >> reporter: jerry wise has seen his fair share of super bowl glory. m rice is one of many former niners on the scene sharing their thoughts on life in the spotlight of the big game. >> you hear so many players say, well, i'm not going to let the super bowl define my legacy, why
6:29 pm
are you playing the game? bottom line, it's all about, you know, getting in that position. i think these two teams, well deserved to be here in new orleans. >> reporter: 49ers players and coaches are deep into preparation for sunday's game and their families are out and about for a variety of excursions around town enjoying some of the crescent city's unique flair. mardi gras where many of today's floats are still made and put on display was the backdrop for an afternoon activity. jennifer davis, wife of 49ers assistant coach reggie davis, enjoyed the day with her kids. >> he's been hard at work, is he hard. a little time so they can enjoy things with their families as well. >> i'm not here because of ray lewis. >> reporter: it was a day that took on a carnival like atmosphere outside the media center. the man at the center of the controversy centering around ravens linebacker ray lewis in an impromptu press conference. after a recent "sports illustrated" article put deer
6:30 pm
antler spray in the super bowl conversation, the man they say supplied lewis the spray, mitch ross, made an appearance where he knew he would find plenty of microphones and cameras. >> you can't ban natural. if you're going to, you have to remove the pituitary gland. >> reporter: sports talk shows around the country are being hosted from the convention center hall. this is part of the fabric of the pregame hype. the 49ers are the topic not just on the airwaves but around the world and perhaps the galaxy. >> scum and villainy as was said in a famous movie. it's like the scene in "star wars." >> reporter: it's getting wild. it's getting weird. it's a lot of fun. tonight at 11:00, we have a great story. a guy who is not just a huge niners fan. he's a huge super bowl fan. let's call him mr. perfect. he's part of that club where he's been through every single
6:31 pm
super bowl. he's a san francisco native. a season ticket holder. here to see them for the sixth time and his 47th straight super bowl, meet that man tonight at 11:00. >> laurence scott reporting live. 47 straight super bowls. san francisco's attorney says he has a warning for any fan with m mayhem on their minds. george gascon says anyone thinking of trashing the city can be hit with the full force of the law, trying to avoid a repeat of the property destruction and violence that took place during the world series after the giants won. and 18 years ago when the 49ers last won the super bowl. the internet makes it easy to track down any lawbreakers. >> this false sense of security you're in the middle of a crowd, everybody is drunk, and the
6:32 pm
reality is with the proliferation of portable phones that carry the ability to video and photograph, you're never going to have that anonymity. >> someone always has a phone. he is prosecuting 14 cases in connection with the world series vand vandalism and he says the key evidence in those cases comes from cell phones. a 49ers victory will be a big win for san francisco wharf. a bet on the game and the loser has to supply the opponent city with eat a crab while wearing the winning team's jersey. if it's the 49ers, crab will be consumed. mayor lee has to go to baltimore. there it will be blue crab, of course. the losing mayor will participate in a day of service which is a win-win no matter which team comes out on top. >> dungeon is better than blue. our 49ers coverage is nonstop in case you didn't know that.
6:33 pm
join us tomorrow night, a special prime time super bowl show from new orleans. and then after the game on sunday, switch on over to nbc bay area for our live 49ers postgame show in the locker room. the official postgame show of the 49ers. a big day for your money especially if some is in google stock. they notched an all-time high for the stock price today. closing at $775 a share. highs we haven't seen in years. for the first time since 2007 the dow closed above 14,000. the labor department says 157,000 jobs were created during the month of january. the white house is calling it an act of terror. another u.s. embassy bombing. this time in turkey. janelle wang joins us now with our "world tonight." >> the suicide bomber has been identified. turkish officials say a member
6:34 pm
of a far leftist group he entered through a side door at the compound. he made it to the first x-ray machine when he blew himself up killing himself and a turkish guard. two other guards survived because they were on the other side of bulletproof glass. the bombing happened at the ex tearier perimeter. the u.s. ambassador of turkey was there but not hurt. >> a suicide bombing at the perimeter of an embassy is an act of terror, a terrorist act. >> this is the second u.s. embassy attack in recent months. in september four americans were killed including u.s. ambassador and bay area native chris stevens. the bombing tainted the last e official day for secretary of state hillary clinton. >> as i look back over these past four years i am very proud of the work we have done together.
6:35 pm
of course we live in very complex and even dangerous times as we saw again just today at our embassy. >> clinton thanked her staffers for commitment and sacrifice to make the world safer, fairer, better. senator john kerry was sworn in this afternoon to replace her. the death toll rises in mexico city. the headquarters of mexico's state-owned oil company. 33 people are confirmed dead from yesterday's explosion and more than 120 injured. as for the cause, early signs point to a problem with the electrical and air conditioning equipment. and the certificasearch is on f survivors after an explosion in china. a truck carrying fireworks exploded on a highway bridge. the blast was so powerful it destroyed part of the bridge and sent a dozen vehicles 100 feet to the ground. earlier reports 26 people dead
6:36 pm
have been changed to nine people killed. fireworks explosions are common in china especially during this time of year. chinese new year is next weekend. jessica? thank you very much, janel. still ahead at 6:00, trying to quell contraception concerns. what the obama administration is promising to do. >> guess who is in town. recognize him and her? al roker with a little star power. and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. great to see christina out there with al. you can see temperatures for saturday. they're going to be cooling off. cloud cover increasing for those interior valleys. if you're planning a barbecue here in the bay on sunday for the super bowl, here is that barbecue forecast. temperatures that are going to be cooling off into the upper 50s with a little bit of cloud cover. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals
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in health matters a new x e compromise means any religious organization may no longer be required to cover the cost of birth control as part of its insurance plan. a revised proposal by the obama administration says women who work for any religious affiliated organization can get contraceptive from an outside insurer at no cost to the employer. originally churches and synagogues were exempted but others including catholic hospitals and schools weren't. health and human services secretary hopes the new rules will satisfy those who have objected. new regulations could ban unhealthy snacks on public school campuses. the number can combat childhood obesity. new rules that would ban almost all candy, high-calorie sports drinks, and greasy food sold at school. instead, schools would have to
6:40 pm
provide vendee machines stocked with water and baked chips. the proposal would ban high-fat, high cal options like mozzarella sticks and nachos sold at the cafeteria. jeff, it is friday finally. we've been looking forward to it all week. >> the weather will be looking great. right now we have some haze and cloud cover at the golden gate bridge. we'll let you know about the weekend cooler changes in just a few. all right, jeff. i'm jim kozimor in new orleans getting ready for super bowl 47. david akers of the 49ers has had a tough year kicking the football. we're going to tell you his story with him and the head coach of the ravens, john harbaugh. plus, kaepernicking is all the rage in the bay area. you've probably taken a picture of it yourself and insta grammed it all over the place. well, we're going to tell you the story behind kaepernicking straight ahead from the xfinity sports desk.
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6:42 pm
look who is with us? >> it's friday. >> a very special introduction. >> i thought you would be out with your friend tonight, al roker. >> i know. >> hello to al. the southerly surge of moisture moving in from the south will
6:43 pm
continue as we head throughout the next 24 hours. that will be increasing the cloud cover. you can see clear skies in san francisco. the haze here as we head throughout tomorrow and you'll have to watch out for a little bit of fog in the north bay. back on the current temperatures what you're going to find is the coldest air in the north bay. 54 novato. 57 in san jose and 59 in sunnyvale. high pressure has been responsible for all of this heat this week and finally that's starting to weaken. the jet stream is pushing off to the south. it will be a dry system for this weekend but that will help to increase our cloud cover here as we head throughout saturday. the wind will go more from the offshore flow to the onshore
6:44 pm
cooling flow. mainly 60s to the east and the south bay. so a cooler start to the weekend coming down the pipeline. air quality forecast is not going to change for saturday. a spare the air day in effect. most critical in the central and east bay. 36 in santa rosa. 42 in san jose with patchy fog in the north and also for the east bay. up into the north bay, 53 in fremont. 65 in san jose. 64 in los gatos. 62 in santa cruz. no hope of any kind of rainfall coming our way this weekend. be ready for outdoor plans on sunday. the 49ers it at the super bowl. if you have a party planned back here in the bay area. monday, tuesday and wednesday, cloud cover continues to increase. by thursday and friday, looking at rainfall. the forecast has been all over the place by the middle of next
6:45 pm
week. it's not a big storm system but you definitely need that umbrella as we head throughout the middle part of next week. >> okay. we're here. for tonight's reality check sam brock investigates whether or not the harbaugh family's claim is true that nobody has it better than us. >> reporter: nobody in the entire world. crunch the numbers here. after painstaking research and tabulating playoff worthy teams, the best region for sports in the country is san antonio, texas. no, the bay area. >> the 2-2 pitch. got him looking. >> reporter: maybe the euphoria of two championships in three
6:46 pm
years has distracted us ever so slightly from another development. >> colin kaepernick, what a game. >> reporter: there are quite a few bay area sports teams. luckily jack harbaugh jogged our memory. >> who has it better than us? nobody! >> reporter: and, you know what, the harbaugh family patriarch might be on to something. since 2010 only two cities have won multiple championships across the four major sports, san francisco with the giants, and los angeles with the lakers and the kings. if the 49ers defeat the ravens this sunday in the super bowl, that third championship would hoist the bay area to the top of the list. now consider this. the resurgence of the warriors and the sharks team that leads the nhl in points so far this season helped make the case for bay area supremacy. if you consider all four professional sports leagues, the bay area is the only place in
6:47 pm
the country where its teams have made the playoffs or would if the season ended today in all four sports. only a handful of cities even qualify for three. boston, atlanta, and new york. and the athletic success filters down to the college ranks, too. stanford won the rose and the orange bowl. the only other college team that can match that impressive streak powerhouses alabama, oregon, and wisconsin. let's not forget the spartans won the military bowl this year and notched the school's first 11-win season since 1940. any more evidence needed of bay area dominance? as jack harbaugh suggested the sports world the bay area is king. i'm sam brock. >> see? who has it better than us?
6:48 pm
>> i can think of someone now. >> jim kozimor. that is for sure. you looked great all week. take it away. maybe you can hear the riverboats blowing their horns and having fun on the banks of the mississippi. let's talk super bowl xlvii. kicker david akers, it's been an up and down year it starts with a 63-yard field goal and comes to a slump. he does so with our mindi bach who has more. >> reporter: david akers was waiting tables. when he did join the philadelphia eagles, the assistant coach who helped him develop his style, one john harbaugh. >> john and i came through the ranks together when i was doing
6:49 pm
something different. this year has not been the way i thought it would have gone especially after week one. the ups and downs that we've had. has been annoying to say the least, frustrating. 13 years of muscle movement of quality years. just kind of let it go. >> reporter: akers has kicked in 23 postseason games including a super bowl while with fi philadelphia but he is yet to win that elusive ring. with the 49ers mindi bach, nbc bay area. >> and the big story, of course, is kaepernicking. everyone doing it here in new orleans. you probably do it yourself, facebook it, but where did it come from? our jaymee sire goes deep and lets us know. ♪ >> reporter: it's the move that's got the niners faithful coming down with full kaepernick fever.
6:50 pm
#kaepernicking has over 9,000 photos and counting on instagram. various youtube videos and a trademark in the works. there's more than why he celebrates this way. the message he kisses serves as a constant reminder to the perils of success. >> my gift is my curse. i just feel that's something i apply to my life in many different ways. being an nfl quarterback has a lot of advantages, a lot of doors that open. but at the same time you're under scrutiny and there's things you can't do as well. >> reporter: kaepernick is not the only one reaping the rewards. the man behind the ink has become a celebrity in his own right. >> it's picked up a lot over the
6:51 pm
last two weeks and keeps going and going. it goes on and on and on. >> reporter: he has been showcasing his art on people's skin for nearly two decades. he began working on kaepernick while the qb attended university of nevada reno. >> for me it seems great. appreciate my art. it's like a trademark. kissing the bicep. >> reporter: though he's admittedly a fan of boston's team, his allegiance lies with the owner of his now famous canvas. >> that's the one that makes sense. kap helps me out. he's been my friend. i did at thtattoo him. that's more than anything. >> now we know all about kaepernicking. my time in new orleans is almost
6:52 pm
done. raj and jessica, i can't finish until i hear from from wanni wang-nostradamus. >> she has predicted the exact point spread for the first two playoff games. everybody listen. >> a moment of silence. >> i'm hyperventilating. i have been all day. jim, to let you know after the nfc championship game, two numbers popped into my head instantly, like right away. and then this week the higher number was in my head all week and i'm going to go with that number but all of a sudden i woke up this morning and the number one popped into my head. >> which means what? >> the niners are going to win by one. it's going to be a tight game but they're still going to win. >> that's going to be freaky. >> jim, what do you think? are you with us? >> wow. i said two touchdowns. you're going one. i'm second-guessing myself.
6:53 pm
>> the one popped into my head this morning. i crunched the numbers last night and stayed up and it was another number. i'm going with my gut. one. >> the 49ers win by one. we'll see if you go three for three. >> hey, raj, she's been perfect so far. finish strong. go with your gut instinct, gentleman janelle.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
our meteorologist, morning meteorologist from here nbc bay area news.
6:56 pm
so you like this weather, right? >> i like getting to stand next to al roker. >> there you go. all right. >> how about that? >> way to butter him up. >> our favorite weather personalities, al roker hanging out at the very building in san francisco, this was at 3:30 in the morning people started to gather. how about that? al roker and christina loren. >> they look great together. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
>> now on "extra" -- >> dan's wife knew. why marino's mrs. stayed for years after learning about the love child. did she ever meet his
6:59 pm
mistress? >> reaction today in new orleans, and our lost interview with marino about his children. >> one of the greatest things i've ever done in my life. >> robin roberts getting a hero's welcome home. >> welcome home! >> we are with the stars as they invade the big easy. tony dovolani is with michael strahan. >> baltimore or san francisco? >> now trending -- chelsea versus piers. >> you're so annoying. >> plus lady gaga's shocking rant against her ex-assistant over toothbrushes and pillows. then my birthday surprise for ellen. >> ellen at "the ellen show" is the only other woman i get naked for. >> it's weird to watch, but i'm watching. >> plus, day two of my february face-off with maria. who can whip up the better super bowl snacks? >> i'm winning right now, lopez, 1-0, baby.

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